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Individual therapy

Thinking Man on Couch

One on one sessions designed to meet you, or your loved one, at the stage of readiness for change that you are at.  Through the Polyvagal lens to therapy, substance use can be seen as a response to trauma; a coping mechanism developed to survive pain or distress when healthy connection is not possible.  In therapy we will work together to heal some of the past wounds and find ways you can maintain your freedom from addiction or alcoholism.

Sober Coaching

Man Drinking Whiskey

My extensive experience and work in the recovery community I can help you create a plan for staying sober one day at a time and connect you to resources in the community that will support your recovery.

Family Therapy

Distanced Couple

Addiction is a family disease affecting not just the person who has the substance use problem but the whole family unit.  My training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy can help you and your loved ones navigate the recovery process and heal from past wounds.

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