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The decision to address problematic drinking or drug use is a complex process that requires intervention at various levels of change and ongoing therapeutic support to prevent relapse.   Are you concerned about the way you drink or use drugs? Have you already tried to reduce your substance use, or perhaps stopped using, but found it difficult to stay stopped.  Are you worried sick watching your loved one spiral out of control and are at a loss of what to do? Has your family suffered as a result of your loved one’s drinking or drug use? Here is how I can help:

Individual therapy

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One on one sessions designed to meet you, or your loved one, at the stage of readiness for change that you are at.  Through the Polyvagal lens to therapy, substance use can be seen as a response to trauma; a coping mechanism developed to survive pain or distress when healthy connection is not possible.  In therapy we will work together to heal some of the past wounds and find ways you can maintain your freedom from addiction or alcoholism.

Sober Coaching

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My extensive experience and work in the recovery community I can help you create a plan for staying sober one day at a time and connect you to resources in the community that will support your recovery.

Family Therapy

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Addiction is a family disease affecting not just the person who has the substance use problem but the whole family unit.  My training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy can help you and your loved ones navigate the recovery process and heal from past wounds.


Therapy Session

The growing field of neuroscience is helping us understand the role of the nervous system in how we function and what we can to do to heal from past trauma. Many experts in the field now believe that our autonomic nervous system a branch that we have no immediate control over, determines our experiences including how we process stress and difficult life events.  Chronic anxiety, depression, addiction, and many other expressions of a mobilized state, can be addressed using an effective roadmap created by Polyvagal-informed experts in the field.  I am passionate about using this knowledge to safely help clients restore a safe connection to their inner world.  Our journey will start with getting to know each other and exploring how the nervous system relates to what is happening for you.  I will guide your through Polyvagal-informed exercises that will be relevant to regulating your nervous system so that you can begin healing from the past in a way that feels emotionally safe.


Psychology Session

Anxiety is something many of us experience and in small doses it is a useful tool that can inform us that something in our life is off.  But for some anxiety can become overwhelming and immobilizing.   Chronic anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and compulsive behaviours can take over our lives and lead to serious problems. Therapy can help. Top down approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Therapy can help you develop tools to address troublesome symptoms, while a gentle exploration of the   the root causes of the dysregulation will help us address the problem from within.


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Depression can leave us feeling isolated and hopeless.  It is a state of immobilization that some people may find leads to withdrawal from life and loved ones.  The cycle of negative thinking, despair, hopelessness and worry further isolates us and can make it impossible to function. Therapy can help you find connection to things that still matter, find meaning, restore hope and strengthen your resolve to bring joy back into your life. 



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